Your AI Shopping Assistant

built to improve your online shopping habits by providing accurate results that match your looks, sizes, brands and budget.

Algebra knows you better

by scanning your purchase history across webshops it correlates that data to make personalized recommendations. This helps you reduce returns, avoid buying products that dont make sense, and dodge junk shops.

Find products curated for you

by getting a tailored shopping experience when chatting with your personal shopping assistant.

Going to a party: "here is the outfit I've made from your wardrobe"

Planning a getaway: "here are 3 outfits from your wardrobe". "This shirt from XYZ would go well with outfit #1"

Hassle-free shopping

without having to browse endlessly all day to find that polka-dot dress you would return anyway.

Early Access

There's no better time to take control of your closet. With Algebra's powerful predictions and visualization tools, you'll find items that match your personality.